Specialization has taken RUBATEC to structure its activities in six main areas: Water, Infrastructure Maintenance, Building Maintenance, Facilities, Cleaning Services and Energy Efficiency.


We contribute to respect for the environment purifying over 50 million m3 per year.

  • 90 WWTPs managed
  • Over 220 Millions m3 treated annually
  • Serving more than 1,3 Millions habequiv 
  • Maintenance of 400 km of collectors

Infrastructure Maintenance

We carry out urbanization works and maintain urban public spaces with the greatest respect for the environment.

  • Maintenance of more than 500 bridges
  • Maintenance of 12 Millions m2 of roads
  • Maintenance of 10 Millions de m2 of sidewalks
  • Construction of more than 3.200 meters of bike lanes
  • Making urban works

Building Maintenance

We maintain all facilities in buildings with the highest technical quality and focusing on energy efficiency.

  • Maintenance of over 1 Million square meters
  • More than 160 buildings managed: offices, hospitals, sports centers ...
  • Implementation of the latest software maintenance management (CMMS)
  • Facilities: Electrics, Air Conditioning, Mechanicals, ACS, audiovisual, voice and data, special, PCI, Gas, ...
  • Implementation of projects to improve energy efficiency in buildings


We manage efficiently public lighting, traffic lights and urban tunnels

  • Managing more than 123.000 points of light, both public and ornamental
  • ESCO projects in public lighting
  • Maintenance and management of 12 km of urban tunnels
  • Maintenance of more than 400 traffic lights

Cleaning Services

We perform building cleaning and also waste collection and street cleaning.

  • Cleaning of over 370.000 m2
  • Services in more than 150 buildings
  • Collection services and street cleaning to 250.000 inhabitants
  • Collection of more than 100.000 tons per year
  • Effective and efficient services

Energy Efficiency

As an Energy Service Company we carry out and finance energy efficiency projects in facilities and we take care of energy management of buildings.

  • We execute and finance energy saving projects
  • We implement monitoring of energy consumption
  • We perform energy audits and diagnoses
  • We design measurement and verification plans