Specialization has taken RUBATEC to structure its activities in six main areas: Water, Infrastructure Maintenance, Building Maintenance, Facilities, Cleaning Services and Energy Efficiency.



Contributions to the respect of the environment through the purification

  • Exploitation, maintenance and conservation of sewage treatment plants (WWTP)
  • Exploitation and maintenance of sanitation systems
  • Repair and maintenance of collector network



Infrastructure Maintenance

We carry out urbanization works and maintain urban public spaces with the greatest respect for the Environment

  • Urban works: urbanizations, bike lanes, canalizations, ...
  • Civil works maintenance in public spaces: pavements and municipal urban furniture, port spaces
  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of bridges


Building Maintenance

We maintain all types of installations in buildings with the highest technical quality and focusing on energy efficiency

  • Maintenance of service buildings, offices, theirs of public and private organizations
  • Electrical, mechanical, climate, ACS, voice and data, gas, PCI, ...
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Implementation of CMMS



We efficiently manage the public lighting and the traffic lights of the municipalities

  • Lighting installations and traffic lights
  • Maintenance and conservation of municipal lighting
  • ESE Projects

Cleaning Services

We perform services of cleaning of buildings as well as waste collection and road cleaning

  • Building cleaning
  • Cleaning of public spaces, railway stations, auditoriums
  • Cleaning of sports facilities


Energy Efficiency

As an Energy Service Company we carry out and finance energy efficiency projects in facilities as well as we take care of energy management of buildings

  • Audits, diagnosis and energy efficiency improvement projects
  • Implementation of energy saving measures
  • Monitoring and measurement and verification plans
  • Energy management