RUBATEC successfully concludes the first ESE energy management contract in the public sphere in Catalonia






RUBATEC after about 4 years since the start of the INStalvia project consisting of the energy management of 12 institutes belonging to the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia, excellent savings results have been achieved that represent a total of 14.4% .


This project began as a pilot test in 12 institutes reaching all the center's supplies: electricity, gas or diesel and water.


After monitoring the centers, implementing good practices and protocols on and off the facilities, training users, improving contracting and with investments in heating regulation equipment, we have been able to achieve significant savings backed by Measurement and Verification protocols.


With all this, global savings of 14.4% have been achieved on the energy and water bill or what is lol itself, a saving of more than € 233,000 throughout the project (see attached file).


This experience has allowed us to demonstrate the viability and replicability of the business model and we hope to continue applying it to improve the energy efficiency of many more buildings. (+info)

(Presentation results INStalvia Project)


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